Camping In The Outdoors

Camping is a great way to get really close to nature and that’s something that we are truly passionate about!

We have various kinds of camping options – from permanently placed tents with a full service that offer an easy camping experience for families, couples, small teams, to DIY campgrounds where you still get the service and support, but setup your own tent, to bays for campervans or a drive-and-camp experience and soon we will add tiny cabins as well!

Linger’s campsites offer great, safe, uncrowded camping experiences around Bangalore, and in other places. Great locations, great food, great staff and a true experience of the outdoors. We keep having events for astronomy buffs, those interested in Yoga, for bikers and cyclists. And these are perfect places for team outings, especially for small teams and startups – we’re also connected with some really awesome corporate outbound trainers who can design a very custom program specifically for you. Do reach out to know more.

Campsites near Bangalore

Bush Camp, Kalpavalli : 180km from Bangalore (off the Hyderabad highway, so a 3 hour drive at most) is this gorgeous 9000 acre grassland collectively restored by a community of 11 villages getting together for conservation. Great for birding, hikes, organic food grown by the collective. You don’t have to fly all the way to Africa for this!

CampDRD : 90km from Bangalore in a 11 acre farm with the vicinity of the Devarayanadurga hills. Great for stargazing, for hikes around and for a visit to the Madhugiri Fort and Devarayanadurga Temple.

The Tamarind Valley Farming Collective : About 90km from Bangalore, in the Melagiri hills, lies this 100 acre expanse that’s being restored into a beautiful.  A natural forest-farm being restored using permaculture principles by a community of folks who truly believe in living with the land. Head there to learn about the basics of natural farming, for birding, herping, hikes or just hours of chilling looking at the green hills around!

Sign, Tamarind Collective, 300722